Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Shopify dashing - swiping jira issues widget

Based on Matt Snider's dashing widget and Swiper from

See it live here as part of a complete Agile Dashboard, with some cartoon sugar :)

Source code can be accessed here

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Shopify dashing - How to avoid list widget flickering

Please note that the live demo cannot be viewed on IE because dashing does not support IE, either. Because basically Dashing relies on "Server Sent Events"

How to convince MUnit Maven Plugin that you have an enterprise license

Let's say you have an enterprise license for Mule Runtime and you'd like to see the coverage report for your unit tests in a CI environment like Jenkins or Bamboo. You configured everything in your pom.xml as described in the documentation but you keep seeing the following message.

[INFO] [CoverageManager] Coverage feature runs over EE runtime only. Feature is shut down

OK, you need to convince the plugin that you're an enterprise customer but how?

Surprisingly very simple, but hard to find out unless you do some reverse engineering because this information is not documented, or let's say was not documented last time I checked.

just make sure that you don't have the following community artifact dependency in your pom.xml


and instead, you have this enterprise artifact dependency